Monday, July 27, 2009


Sooooo, just for a few updates on what I've been's been super busy, but I've been having so much fun and it just seems like everything is all lined up and going the way it should. Since I last updated I have:
  • Gone to Golden Gardens with Jenny
  • Gone on an Argosy cruise with Jenny (on a perfect day)
  • Spent the day downtown with Krista...took the monorail from Seattle center to downtown, had lunch at PF Changs (a first for me), went to Pike Place (had a blast there- and got the VIP fish treatment from the fish thrower guys), hit starbucks (must) and just explored :)
  • Spent some brief time with Bryce and Darla while he was in Seattle for the night
  • Went to spaghetti factory - me, the boys, Krista, Cameron, Caleb and Darla, then walked along the water front and went up top of this building that has an awesome view
  • Got to see Tammie while she was in town
  • Went out on the boat with Harv, Linda and the kids
  • Had a goodbye mac 'n cheese date with Krista
  • Played ultimate frisbee on thursday, which we have done every thursday, but it was a really nice surprise to have some extras show up who I haven't seen in a long time!
  • Came over to G&G's on friday - me, derek and daniel
  • Was elated to play with the most adorable kittens and doggies over at Greg and Julies and of course catch up with them
  • Had a nice sunday morning meeting at G&G's house (g&g, us, Harv, Linda, Neil, Brenda)
  • Came to gospel meeting in tri-cities
  • Am now at John and Kjerstins...and I am SO happy it worked out for me to come here!
As for future plans:
  • On Wednesday we got to Ron&Joann's for the night, and leave early thursday morning for home
  • Get home Friday
  • back to the same ol' same ol' on Monday...School, work etc.
  • GET THE REST OF MY WEIGHT OFF! Thats the plan anyway

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

pictures from the recent past

We managed to get everybody in the picture, looking at the camera and smiling!
Safeco field
Mariners played an awesome game and won!
Daniel being silly with Jack
Derek and I
Beloved Pipe place Market!
Some interesting history about this building - at one point it was the fourth largest building in the world...also the hill it's on is an 18% uphill grade - use to be 40%
Jenny and I met up with a really sweet couple from Georgia (Monte and Laurie Ott - They were at Apvoka last year and met Zane, and will be this year - Anna, I told them about you guys and that you would be there). We spent the day with them - ate at a yummy italian place for lunch, then did the Seattle underground tour - very interesting
A skylight type thing underneath the ground
One of the oldest pictures of Seattle - this was in 1866 right downtown
A random funny fact we learned: Seattle (way back when it was 'underground') use to get 87% of its profit from seamstresses (aka prostitutes)...another way women made money was by waiting until the middle of the night for drunk men to walk by and dropping potted plants of the porches, then robbing the men while they were out cold...because this was so popular, potted plants became illegal on porces higher than the 1st story
Something you will definitely see in Seattle

Jenny being silly
Last night there was a racoon on g&g's front porch, looking at us watching him and putting his paws up on the was the cutest thing!
All these pictures have taken place in the last few days and as you can see, it's been a blast! I decided I'd better update now, because mom and dad are going to E. WA tomorrow so this is my last chance...probably won't be updates for awhile - at least not pictures. I'm not sure when I'll be leaving Seattle, but I'm not ready yet! On monday, Krista and I are going exploring downtown, and tuesday us kids are doing something with the clinton kids...thursday is ultimate frisbee and beyond that, I don't know my plans - Jenny and i were talking about going on an Argosy cruise, so that might be in the plans too!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


We went to Randy and Evies for dinner and I of course got to see my buddy Oscar...who wasn't so fond of Jack, ha. Anyways we had BBQ'd pizza...there were a few small catastrophes in making it, but in the end it was quite yummy =)

I spy a Porsche

I think this suits me pretty well =)
Rick took me out on a Drive all around town - we first went to a 'special' starbucks on Mercer Island, then drove around and went to was a beautiful day and lots of fun...unfortunately there was lots of traffic so we couldn't go too fast, however I'm pretty fond of this car!

The beach

The other night Derek, Daniel, Krista, Cameron and I had a fun night going to Spiros and Richmond Beach - lots of good times!


Sweet little jack jack
Part of Sues super cute garden
two of my favorite people ♥

Way back when

Our old house...makes me very nostalgic

Girl time

Krista, Shanni and I had a really fun girls night the other night...we went to Richmond beach were there is a really neat 'secret spot' can't really see it from the beach, but if you go under or over the rail road tracks there is a waterfall you can climb up even climb 'in' it...anyways we had a blast...then went to dinner and watched a movie...I had so much fun with these two girls =)